Vapor Barriers & Types

Complimenting our custom fabrication and installation services of HDPE and LLDPE geomembranes. American Liner Systems, LLC provides several materials and their installation for vapor applications.

Our staff has experience to provide solutions for customers vapor barrier applications. We have supplied and installed materials for various applications such as moisture, radon, methane and other vapors that may migrate.

Recently American Liner Systems, LLC provided and installed Vapor Block Plus 20mil on a construction site, over a decommissioned fuel station, of a professional office building. This was an under concrete slab application. Vapor Block and Vapor Block Plus meet and exceed ASTM E-1745 class A, B and C requirements.

Based on the diversity of the construction applications and specifications set forth in developing tomorrow today, the staff of American Liner Systems, LLC stands ready to bring solution to your project needs.

American Liner Systems, LLC is protecting tomorrow’s environment today with the right products, the right services, and the right people.

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