Custom Fabricated Applications

American Liner Systems, LLC provides custom applications from concept to design, fabrication, prototyping and testing to the customer’s specific requirements. We adapt our many years of experience within the geo-membrane and geo-textile areas of traditional fabrication and installation to an “Outside the Box” thought process. By thinking “Outside the Box”, many new ideas and concepts are generated to meet our customer’s special application.

Here’s an example:

The regional sewer authority in South Carolina contacted us needing help to keep their vacuum trucks from sinking into the ground and leaving large ruts. And also to assist in not getting stuck in the mud at the same time. They called with their custom need and we reacted to their request.  Our solution was to use a combination of HDPE slats and geo-textile to assist in achieving their goal. The HDPE dispersed the load and the geo-textile held the pattern for the HDPE.  The combination of the two assisted in preventing the tires sinking and creating ruts and the vehicle from getting stuck.

If your requirement is large or small, contact American Liner Systems, LLC. Because we have the right product, the right service, and the right people to assist you “Outside the Box”

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